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£25 for 30 minutes


Once a successful assessment has been carried out, we will sit and discuss the cause of your injury and also the various ways we can treat it. Rehabilitation is an important part of treating sports injuries. A rehabilitation program aims to return the injured body part to normal function by gradually introducing it to movement and exercise.


With most sports injuries, after the initial recovery, it helps to move the injured part as soon as possible to help speed up the healing process. Gentle exercises should help improve the area’s range of motion. As movement becomes easier and the pain decreases, stretching and strengthening exercises can be introduced. In order to gain full function of the injured body part a comprehensive rehabilitation program needs to be administered.


My rehabilitation programs are designed with the individual in mind and therefore, will always consist of various methods of treatment including:




Electrotherapy – Ultra sound, Infra Sound, TENS

Exercises Therapy

Heat Therapy

Manual Therapy

Massage Therapy

Self-Management Program

Stretching Program


Trigger Point


Throughout the rehabilitation program, it is vital that you understand your injury and are kept informed of your progress. Education and goal setting is a vital aspect of any rehabilitation program. Time will always be taken to explain every step of your rehabilitation program and ensure you have an opportunity to ask as many questions as you need.


Once the injury has made a full recovery and you have returned to your chosen activity, further work will be done to help prevent further injuries occurring.